Vietnam NBX Green Park Limited Daewoo Engineering & Construction signed a business agreement ceremony

Vietnam YSL Group’s NBX Green Park Limited announced on December 15 last year that it signed a business agreement ceremony with Daewoo Engineering & Construction to develop the “Technology Infrastructure Construction and Business Investment Project of the Nambinsuen Industrial Complex.”

The signing ceremony was held with YSL Group Chairman Lee Gong-myung and Daewoo Engineering & Construction Managing Director Han Seung.

“NBX Green Park Industrial Complex” is a large real estate development project that was decided by the Vietnamese government in March 2021 to approve the investment policy for the construction and business investment projects in Nambinsuen, Bin Phuk Province.

The “NBX Green Park Industrial Complex” totaled 295.74ha (about 900,000 pyeong), creating industrial districts, commercial districts, management districts, residential districts, green landscaping districts, roads, parking lots, and utilities.

When the industrial complex is completed, it is expected to be an industrial complex located at the shortest distance from Vietnam’s capital Hanoi. It is about 30km away from Hanoi’s Korean Town and is also the best location close to the Samsung Electronics complex.

In addition, when foreign companies enter Vietnam, they are expected to be considered the first investment destination for the construction of factory sites.

YSL Group aims to “activate the local economy, strengthen national industrial competitiveness, realize job creation and industrial advancement, and finally create a differentiated future industrial environment” through NBX Green Park Limited, which leads the “development of Bin Phukseong Nambinsuen Industrial Complex.”

In particular, with the signing of a business agreement with Daewoo Engineering & Construction, a business agreement was drawn up to strengthen the business alliance for the development of the “Binpukseong Nambinsuen Industrial Complex,” and Daewoo Engineering & Construction will begin a tarpaulin investigation for practical development. Daewoo Engineering & Construction also plans to send a local working team to speed up development through close cooperation with NBX Green Park Limited in the region.

An official from the two companies said, “NBX Green Park Limited and Daewoo Engineering & Construction will solidify their business alliance based on mutual trust to successfully lead the development of the ‘NBX Green Park Industrial Complex’.”

NBX Green Park Limited is also spurring the development of the “NBX Green Park Industrial Complex” by signing a business management service contract worth about 6 billion won with Hallim Architecture Group earlier.

Meanwhile, YSL Group is growing into a global company by starting trade, financial investment, and real estate development in Australia in 2013. In 2017, YSL Vietnam was established and is conducting real estate, finance, construction, and hotel businesses. In addition, Korea is engaged in trade and distribution, telecommunications industry, and real estate development.