Cooperation in carbon-neutral power supply system at Green Park Vinh Phuc

YSL Group and Verywords Co. Ltd – from Korea, signed a Memorandum of Understanding of investment  cooperation in the CO2 reduction system  on 13th December 2022 in Hanoi.

The ceremony welcomed Mr. Kim Sungwoo – Representative of Verywords Co. Ltd, Mr. Kwak Il Hwan – Vice-Chairman of YSL Group and Mr. Shim Shang Moon – CEO of YSL Group. 

The MOU signing ceremony is an important milestone in the development of Green Park Vinh Phuc industrial park. It is also a start of strategic cooperation between YSL Group and Verywords when sharing the same vision of developing a green and smart industrial park in Vietnam.

Mr. Kwak Il Hwan – Vice-Chairman of YSL Group & Mr. Kim Sungwoo – Representative of Verywords Co. Ltd 

Accordingly, Verywords will cooperate with YSL Group – the Green Park Vinh Phuc’s investor – to develop a Carbon-neutral power supply system in order to control and provide solutions to minimize emissions at the Green Park Vinh Phuc.

Mr. Kwak Il Hwan, Vice Chairman of YSL Group cum Deputy Director of Nam Binh Xuyen Green Park said: “Green Park Vinh Phuc is a key project of YSL Group in the next 5 years. I highly trust and appreciate the Verywords’s cooperation and their support for the project. Verywords is one of the leading companies in the field of consulting and developing natural renewable energy sources. This is completely in line with the orientation of the Green Park Vinh Phuc project which is becoming a leading green and smart industrial park in Vietnam.”

As a company that develops domestic and foreign renewable energy consulting and carbon-neutral business models, Verywords develops various carbon-neutral business models based on e-mobility production technology and battery reuse and recycling technology. In addition, Verywords is contributing to the realization of a carbon-neutral society by operating “POPLE,” the first voluntary carbon-neutral platform in Korea.

Mr. Kim Sungwoo shared: “Verywords has been consulting, establishing and operating for many different projects about a carbon-neutral power system.  It optimizes the power supply in the industrial park, and also minimizes greenhouse gas throughout the rooftop solar system. In cooperation with YSL Group, we aim to develop the system for Green Park Vinh Phuc industrial park, thereby establishing a reliable and safe low-carbon power supply system. This is a great significance which contributes to the realization of carbon neutral goals in Korea and Vietnam in the future.”

Representative of YSL Group & Verywords joining the Signing MOU Ceremony at YSL Group office

In addition, YSL Group – a multinational corporation with 100% investment capital from Korea. It is on its way to becoming one of the leading corporations in Vietnam. YSL Group is committed to contributing values to society and the community.

Being a key project of YSL Group, Green Park Vinh Phuc has a strategic location. It takes only 40 minutes from Hanoi center and 18 km from Noi Bai International Airport. Its infrastructure is being developed to high sustainability standards, utilizing modern equipment and technology to protect the environment. 

For example, an advanced wastewater treatment system will help ensure that water is not polluted before it is discharged into the environment, and water sources can be reused. Meanwhile, the carbon-neutral power supply system not only will provide the clean and sustainable power for all production activities in the industrial park, but also will enhance the ecofriendly impression by minimizing pollution from the industrial park.

Green Park Vinh Phuc Industrial Park

The project is being implemented in 2 main phases. It is expected to start handing over land to customers in the second quarter of 2023. Continuously evolving to keep up with the latest technological trends and ensuring environmental friendliness, Green Park Vinh Phuc will bring great benefits to investors and tenants alike. The project aims to become the smart and green industrial park for sustainable development in Vietnam.

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