Green Park Vinh Phuc

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    Green Park Vinh Phuc

    Operation and Service Area

    Green Park Vinh Phuc

    Central Waterway

    Green Park Vinh Phuc

    Waste Water Treatment

    Green Park Vinh Phuc 

    Factory for Lease

    Green Park Vinh Phuc

    10 ha Green area


    How Long Is the Construction progress?

    Green Park Vinh Phuc has total 297.4 ha area divided into 3 main construction phasing timelines: 

    • Q4. 2022 – Phase 1A: 121.35 ha
    • Q2. 2023 – Phase 1B: 108.43 ha
    • Q4. 2024 – Phase 2: 69.95 ha 
    • Leasing Term: 2071

    What is Green Infrastructure in Green Park Vinh Phuc?

    Green Infrastructure in Green Park Vinh Phuc provides: 

    • Environmental Friendly Electric System: Solar panel system generating power for Industrial Park 
    • Water Supply: providing 36,000 m3 clean water per day in phase 01 and 22,000 m3 per day in phase 02
    • Wasted Water Treatment: total 15,000 m3 per day and expected to increase in each development stage
    • Central Waterway: reused water system in the Industrial Park 
    • Power Supply: providing 11x63MVA through EVN’s low-load substation (110/22kV)

    What is All in One Service?

    • Support Business Operating in IP: providing All in One service to support systematically including legal documents, finance, tax from the early stage to the operation stage
    • Utilities: providing facilities such as Banking, Fuel Station, Vocational Training Section in order to create an convenience for tenants and workers
    • Management: using smart technology in management system to create a sustainable working environment 

    Where is Green Park Vinh Phuc Located?

    Green Park Vinh Phuc is in Nam Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc, next to Binh Xuyen Industrial Park and connects to 2A Highway. It has a prime location which is easy to access to key point destinations: 

    • 18Km to Noi Bai International Airport 
    • 45Km to Hanoi Central Business District 
    • 150Km to Haiphong Port 
    • 160KM to Cai Lan Port 

    What are Preferrential Tariff for Investors in Green Park Vinh Phuc?

    Tax exemption for 2 years and 50% reduction of tax payable for the next 4 years. 

    More details, please visit: Preferential Tariff